Audience Intelligence

Audience Intelligence

Wouldn’t You Like To Know Where Your Perfect Customers Hang Out Online?

Data is the foundation of a great digital marketing strategy. One of the greatest pieces of bullshit we noticed big agencies do is throwing pretty graphs and maps at clients and marketing themselves as a big data agency. We hate that. We believe data is nothing unless it can be applied to digital marketing strategy.

Forget PRIZM Life-Stage Groups

The old print and TV media methods for analyzing audiences is dead. Local media companies are still pushing this as a primary way of analyzing your data. It has to stop. With digital marketing taking over as the most effective and cost efficient way of marketing, our Audience Intelligence tools are better at identifying where your ideal customers are hanging out. Guess what, they’re online more than watching TV or reading print media. You can’t target online using these antiquated life-stage groups, so why spend thousands on useless data?

Finding Your Audience

Our service looks through tens of millions of data points across social and web profiles to determine exactly who your audience reads, watches, follows, shares, and listens to online. Armed with this data, we can formulate an effective strategy to outreach to who you already know your perfect customers are.

How Does It Work?

We collect non personal identifiable data from you, so you have no need to worry about data privacy laws. Using this data, we use aggregated data from tens of millions of data points to identify what your audience is doing online. The data is highly accurate and actionable – that meaning, if we see that 12% of your target audience is a visitor of a specific website, we can target a campaign around that to make sure we’re partnering up with this website, getting premium placements or sponsorship on their pages. Or if we find that 15% of the audience listens to a particular podcast, we can reach out to sponsor it or at least get interviewed or feature on it.

Multiple Benefits

Good quality data applies your whole business, not just digital marketing strategy. In some cases, our data has revealed a whole new opportunity to businesses. Channels that you didn’t realize had been popular with your client could be an easy avenue to expand into. This type of data is far more valuable than knowing affluent young people like your brand, you most likely knew that and already know where they live. Our data product allows you to get more granular and better optimize your marketing budget.

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