Author: Cecilia Qu'in

Digital Marketing Posts

Hashtags: What Exactly ARE They?

As digital marketers, we’re pretty familiar with this subject. Let’s start with precisely what “hashtags” really are.

Digital Marketing Posts

Marketing Hacks: Social Media Setup Made Easy

According to one of the leading minds in digital marketing and What’s Next culture: “If you really want to earn the love and respect of your audience, you need to DO THE WORK.”

Digital Marketing Posts

Marketing Hacks: SEO-Friendly URLs

As the last humans in marketing, we want to do everything we can to make this subject as accessible as possible.
What better way to start, than with a few easy fixes that you can use right now to optimize your content.

Digital Marketing Posts

The Trouble with Check Out Bumps

Upsells and Check Out Bumps are digital reminders that pop-up whenever you’re shopping online. They can be incredibly useful… when you use them correctly.

Digital Marketing Posts

5 Key Factors of Branding Psychology

Why do some brands thrive while others fail? As the last humans in marketing, we understand how troubling this question can be.


5 Common PPC Mistakes

No matter how many years you’ve poured into your business, human error is something to be expected. Don’t be afraid to bet on yourself.

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