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What Should You Do About Negative Reviews?

You want to make your customers happy. If nothing else, happy customers are more likely to come back, meaning you earn more money. That said, no business can make every customer happy all of the time. You’re bound to get at least some negative reviews from time to time. So what do you do when

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How Do I Increase Conversions?

You should only be running ads in they bring in new leads and sales, so why aren’t conversions just sales and leads. Well we think that’s the only definition of a conversion – a direct sale or solid lead. End of discussion, fire your vendor if they think time on site or over 3 pages

Marketing Agency Compared To Hiring An Employee
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Should Businesses Hire a Marketing Agency or a Full Time Employee?

Business owners have two main choices when setting up their marketing team. Either they can use a marketing agency, or they can hire a full-time employee. In this article, you’ll discover the benefits of using an agency for marketing compared to spending countless resources, including time and money, on finding the right employee to fill a long-term position. Benefits for hiring a marketing agency include everything from financial advantages to a high level of expertise and easier management options.

All About Google Search Ads
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Everything You Need To Know About Google Search Ads

Your epic guide to all things PPC! I will frequently add to and update this page as the industry features and standards evolve. There are no credentials that anyone can really study for in PPC, so we heavily rely on real life experience and testing to learn. We’re opening the doors to you all, on

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Why PPC Marketing Remains Effective

New research shows that organic click-through rates, known as CTRs, on the search engine results page (SERPs) of Google are dropping steadily on both desktop computers and smartphones. What users seem to be favoring instead are paid clicks and no-click search results, with both the US and Europe preferring these types of searches. The decline

Top PPC Sacramento
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Top 10 Digital Marketing Companies in Sacramento

Overwhelmed with terrible results from your marketing efforts? Perhaps you’re looking for a top local company to help your business. It’s funny that the names of the agencies that show on top in Google search results are either the same ones that keep paying for the top sponsorship package, or they are some random, fly-by-night

Programmatic Sacramento
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Programmatic Advertising: What’s the Big Fuss?

You may have heard many people talk about the importance of programmatic advertising, but not many people know what the term actually means. Let’s break it down, and consider why it’s important for any successful business. Definition Programmatic in terms of digital advertising is the process of automating the ad buying process. Computer algorithms use

Digital Marketing Expert Firm Sacramento
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What is Digital Marketing?

You may have heard all about “digital marketing,” and how it’s so important for your business. But what exactly is it? It’s often used interchangeably to describe various online activities that increase awareness of a brand or a product. More than Just Online Marketing Digital marketing actually extends to channels that aren’t traditionally associated with the internet,

Digital Advertising Sacramento
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Top 4 Misconceptions About PPC

Have you had reservations about investing in online advertising? Maybe you heard a few horror stories from your peers or read horrible stories online. Pay Per Click advertising has been growing in popularity in recent years. And smart businesses know that they need to invest in online advertising. We’ve decided to share the top 4 myths

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