When Expert Plumbing came to Two Trees PPC, they weren’t utilizing the Google Guaranteed program, and were struggling to stand out locally against a set of formidable competitors. Expert Plumbing was looking for a company to come on as their own marketing department to take control of various aspects of their marketing strategy. We started with getting them set up with the Google Guarantee program, refining their Google Ads campaigns and nurturing their current list with a monthly newsletter. We also took control of their CRM to ensure efficient handling of leads and segmentation of their audience to deliver the most specific messages to them and maximize revenue from previous clients.


We were so successful in gaining new business that Expert Plumbing asked us to pause ads while they hired more staff. We transitioned to hiring ads for a while, then once we were able to to turn ads on again for business, we saw that they had their most successful year to date in regards to revenue.

Repeat business was up by 200%. Statistically, we kept top of mind at the times a repeat service was required while also providing specific offerings based upon data stored in the CRM.

We helped Expert Plumbing navigate through the labor crisis, and switched strategy accordingly by running hiring ads across all platforms. As a result, they were able to hire for roles needed and expanded their schedules to take on even more work.

  • We applied for and set up the Google Guaranteed program, which secures a top of page position with reviews front and center of the listing. This was a game changer for them as it highlighted them in the local community.
  • We stripped away thousands of dollars in wasted ad spend, and focused on building SEO for expensive terms so they would be less dependent on terms with huge costs per click.
  • A monthly email newsletter with a round up of the most interesting jobs completed that month as well as sharing seasonal offers and coupons.
  • A website restructure and enrichment of content to slowly build up organic rankings and introduce new services like trenchless to the market.
  • Ongoing competitive analysis to ensure we’re keeping up with and beating the competition.