Roland Tiemann, an attorney at law based in El Dorado Hills, CA, approached us looking for help with his Google Search ads. He was already running some ads himself, but wasn’t able to get any traction in an already competitive market. His primary area of practice is DUI appeals and Domestic Violence cases.

Competitor Research

Part of the reason Roland wasn’t able to get any traction running the ads himself was the way his competitors were operating. Very few attorneys served the county he was based out of, but large statewide and national firms were buying up the space based upon very broad generic terms.

We worked with Roland to identify 3 key target areas he wanted to dominate, and we identified the key players in each. With this data, our team compiled a strategy to outbid these competitors for long tail, high intent keywords and some broad match that would indicate the searcher really needed to speak to a DUI attorney.

Landing Page Design

Roland’s website was full of very useful information, but for paid ads, we created an eye-catching, easy-to-read landing page that encouraged the user to call him. We used call tracking technology to monitor the quality of each call coming in, and adjusted keyword bids for the terms that got more calls.

Actual Results

Within just a few months, Roland saw calls increase for both DUI and Domestic Violence cases. Not only were there more calls, but we were getting higher quality cases and from the area Roland knew very well, so he had an advantage in the courts. With these results, we increased our budgets and geographical reach to get even more quality leads.

How Has COVID-19 Affected Roland’s Practice?

DUI cases are down slightly, but Domestic Violence cases have sadly increased. Roland is able to consult with his clients and prepare documents remotely, however a lot of courts are closed during lockdown. We haven’t seen a decrease in web activity or call volume, so there is likely going to be a long backlog of court hearings once they re-open!

What Does Roland Think?

We’ve seen a clear increase in business since beginning our engagement with their team. Working together has definitely earned money for me.

They’re a pleasant team to work with-Mike is receptive to ideas and knows what he’s doing. I can bring any of my thoughts to him and know that he’ll welcome my ideas.

Give them a shot. Try to minimize your costs and you’ll definitely see the results working with Mike. You’ll get good value for your money.