Our Culture

We live to be the G.O.A.T marketing agency. 🐐

As well as meaning the Greatest Of All Time, G.O.A.T are the initials of our core values. A set of beliefs and statements that shape our company culture and keep us on track to be the greatest marketing company our partners have ever worked with.

Everything we do for our partners, vendors and employees is driven by the G.O.A.T philosophy, it grounds us and makes us question everything we do each day. So what do we define as G.O.A.T? This is how we break it down:



We're always real, sincere and honest with communication. No hype, no spin, you'll always feel a genuine passion for what we do.



Our partners don't pay us to be like everyone else. We like to think differently and get results that nobody else can.



We always take ownership and never point fingers. We own our mistakes and learn from them.



Transparency is at the heart of everything we do. We operate with all the facts in the open, nothing hidden, no surprises.

We Take Care Of Our People

We only hire the best talent, so it's only fair we treat them well. Also, it's no secret that a happy workforce produces better results for clients. So here are some of the amazing perks we offer our team.

Highly Competitive Salaries


401K WITH 100% MATCH


Our Story

We've come a long way from the summer of 2017. It's been an exciting ride and difficult to document all the highlights, but we will try to update this timeline as more things happen on our journey!

Summer 2017

Two Trees PPC was founded by three friends working together at a national marketing agency. They vowed to create a full service digital marketing company where they could be fully transparent and open with their clients - not the case where they currently worked!

March 2018

We moved into our first office at 725 30th Street, Sacramento. Now with several local businesses working with us, we had a space to meet and host meetings.

October 2019

Our CEO, Michael Wisby, spoke at the B2B Marketing Expo in Los Angeles and Two Trees PPC had an exhibit next to the main stage. We met with hundreds of business owners and made some important relationships.

April 2020

As COVID-19 took hold of the world, we decided to launch a positive podcast MarketPlay, hosted by the amazingly talented Meryl Hathaway. She now leads our creative media production arm, creating podcasts and videos for small businesses.

March 2021

Two Trees PPC signs a major deal with Standard Media, a local television station ownership group. This establishes a major SEM fulfilment role for Two Trees PPC as it is now responsible for all Google Ads Management for all their advertisers across all US markets.