E-Commerce Marketing


What Is E-Commerce Marketing?

Simply put, e-commerce marketing involves providing the necessary answers to consumers’ most frequent objections to purchasing online, before they even formulate them. Okay, not so simple. Let’s imagine you saw a product online that was cheaper than Amazon by 30%, but the website looked bad, the image quality was poor and there were no reviews. Consumers are savvy–they would likely pay the extra 30% to ensure they didn’t have an issue in the process of buying the product.

Social Proof & Trust

Trust signals are important. You need to give the consumer the answers they’re looking for–even the answers they don’t realize they are looking for. Look at the biggest players in e-commerce and emulate them where you can. You can even leverage them to sell your own products and services too.

E-Commerce Marketing at Two Trees

We don’t shy away from e-commerce like most digital marketing companies. We know the challenges involved, but we also know the rewards are great. We are Google Partners. This means we have demonstrated our core competencies to Google, as well as having a proven track record of real life results with our clients. However, It’s more than just results. As part of the Google Partner program, we are committed to transparency and honesty.

People hire Two Trees PPC for a variety of e-commerce marketing tasks. We have experience in setting up Google Merchant Center accounts and Facebook Product Catalogs. We love the geeky stuff and will obsess over the stats so you always get the best possible return on your investment. We live and breathe this stuff, so you can get back to focusing on what makes your business great.

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