our most frequently asked questions and answers

No. All of our plans start with a 6 month term, but after this there is an option to go month to month. Please note there is a 10% premium added for a month to month agreement.

We do require 30 days notice to cancel an ongoing relationship, this is so we can finish up and hand off your accounts in a good shape for you or your new contractor to take over seamlessly.

We believe in pricing our services at the best possible price at all times. By offering discounts we’d be cheapening our brand and services. They’re already priced as low as we can!!

If we are entering into a long term agreement, we can sign a 6 or 12 month deal which are 10% less than our month to month prices.

Our office is in the heart of Sacramento, right on the edge of Midtown and East Sacramento. We know most marketing companies are based out of LA, NYC or the Midwest and pretend to have a local presence. We’re actually here, and will meet you face to face… today!

We also recognize that our digital nature means our clients can be anywhere in the world. We have a field office in London, UK. With planning, we can meet you face to face wherever you are!

Two Trees PPC was established in 2017, but we’ve all been working in the digital marketing space for the past 10 years.

Our background is in paid advertising and digital marketing for service based companies and retail. The co-founders met while working at a multi-billion dollar marketing agency, together they were able to transform the performance of their digital campaigns. They started to look locally to help smaller businesses achieve success and Two Trees PPC was born!

We have earned the prestigious honor of Google Partner status, indicating as a team we have passed Google’s certification process, and have proven we have the skills to turn ad spend into a return on investment for our clients.