Commonly Asked Questions

Am I tied into a long term contract?

No. We don't do long term contracts at all, we're that confident you'll see the value in our efforts. All we ask is that you give us at least 3 months to establish our relationship, but at any time you can cancel with 30 days notice for us to wrap up.

Do you charge a commission based upon our ad spend?

No. We never want to appear to be influenced on how much you spend on your ads. We charge a set fee per month which isn't tied to your ad spend. That way you know, when we're suggesting an ad budget, it's because we believe it will drive results, not our bottom line.

What does success look like?

The goal of all our advertising efforts are to increase awareness of your product or service to highly qualified prospective customers. When looking at metrics like CTR (Click Through Rate), we have to consider are these quality clicks. Generally the higher the click through rate the better the quality of our ad, and targeting, but only conversion data tells us that these people are ready to buy or take action. We always prioritize these, as this gets the return on your investment more efficiently.

Can I just get one service from Two Trees PPC?

We understand your budget may only allow for management of one of our service areas, but we always recommend a balanced, holistic approach. The reason for this is that each tactic helps each other. For example, a great search campaign is helped by running display remarketing and video ads. SEO is helped with a robust search campaign to get more data from actual search terms. All digital marketing relies on a fast loading, optimized website. We can help with them all, but our skilled team can help craft a custom plan for your business to get started within your budget constraints.

Do you build landing pages for us?

A great landing page is required for an effective marketing campaign. We do have the ability to build landing pages at a small additional cost per page. If you're a website client with us, this is included in your fee.

Do you outsource your work?

No, we have a US based team that executes all the work for our partners. We know the value of having control over the process and own every step in the chain to ensure projects stay on schedule and within budget.

How do you bill?

We send an invoice at the start of engagement for the work agreed upon for the first month. Invoices can be paid via ACH bank transfer, any major credit card, a check can be mailed to our HQ in Sacramento, or we now accept Venmo.

How do you communicate with clients?

We are highly available, with a variety of options to get in touch with us. We use Slack and can connect with your company Slack if you use it too. This allows us direct instant contact and file sharing and proves to be the most loved way of communicating. If your organization doesn't use slack, we're also on Google Workspaces and Microsoft Teams, but you can also call or email your dedicated account manager should you need anything at all. 

What reporting do I get?

We provide monthly PDF reports, as well as a live dashboard where you can access reports at anytime you wish. These are highly customizable and white labeled if you're looking for an option for your own clients.

Can I use you for my own clients?

Yes. We offer white label services at a reduced (wholesale) cost. Speak to us directly to set something up. We currently fulfil all paid ads for some major media companies, so we know how to manage ads in the background while letting your sales team take the credit.