Frequently Asked Questions

We don't believe in locking anyone into a contract. All our solutions run on a month-to-month basis, because we are confident you'll see value in working with us long term. The only exception is where a high cost service is spread over a number of months. 

Yes. We are working on your behalf, as if we were your internal marketing team. We share access to all platforms we run on behalf of your company.

Before we get started, we'll have a kick off meeting to get access to any existing assets you have, such as an existing Google Analytics or Ads account. If you don't have any of these already, we will set these up for you.

We set our pricing based upon how many hours you'll need from our team each month. But we agree this monthly retainer amount before we start work and ensure it's all inclusive of what we need to achieve the goals set. We do not base our fee on your ad spend level as that should vary month to month depending on demand. It's no mystery why percentage of ad spend agencies have the recommendation to spend more in ads each month!

Yes, we have an in-house design team that have the capability to produce ads for all platforms. We do also work well with external marketing and design teams.

We go one better. We provide a reporting dashboard with live data, so you can check up on performance without even needing to contact your account manager.

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