Landing Page Development

Landing Pages Designed To Convert

Two Trees PPC builds fast loading landing pages that drive the user to do one thing. Convert. By converting, we’re talking about the user doing the one thing you want them to do, take action towards making you money!

Your website is the backbone of all your digital marketing efforts. Without a fast loading, clean and rich content filled landing page, your campaigns will suffer.

We partnered with our friends at Hotbox Studios in the UK to offer world class web design services. Using their methodology and training, our US team will handle your landing page project fully in house.


The Two Trees PPC LANDING PAGE™ Process



Ideally we will be already working together on a campaign, but if not, we will work with you to determine what the goal of the campaign is so we can build the perfect page.



Next is the process of gathering all the assets you’d like on the page and agreeing upon a brand guide so that all colors and fonts match your brand. Our in house designers can help if you’re unsure.



Landing page build can take a few days up to a few weeks, depending on what tracking systems and CRM integrations need to be ironed out.



After your sign off on the final design, we thoroughly test all functionality on the landing page, ensuring that all information feeds into where it needs to.



We set the landing page URL live so you can start to direct your campaigns. 



Using the on page tracking as well as Google Analytics and the ad platforms themselves, we can determine how effective the page is and refine where needed.


Who are we?

Two Trees PPC has been in business since 2017, and was established to give small to medium sized business the transparency they deserve when it comes to their marketing budget.

Since then we’ve worked hard to grow our business by working hard for our clients. We’ve grown at a remarkable rate since 2017. In 2021, we project 300% growth over 2020, in which we saw 200% growth from 2019.

Where will the landing page be hosted?

Two Trees PPC uses AWS (Amazon Web Services) infrastructure to host our client websites. This is the same infrastructure that Adobe, BBC, Disney, European Space Agency, Facebook, Harvard Medical School, NASA, Netflix, Samsung, Spotify, Twitter and hundreds of other recognized brands use – so you’re in good company with our hosting solution.

All our landing pages come hosted.

Is an SSL certificate included?

We always include an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate with our hosting packages, because without one, your website will be marked as non-secure in the web browser.

Having your landing page being marked as non-secure will result in disapproved campaigns.

Will I get performance reports?

Landing pages are monitored for visits and conversions, but this data will all feed into your other reporting platforms too.

How much does this cost?

Landing pages cost $350 per page and include the cost of hosting as long as you are advertising with us.

Hosting for non marketed landing pages will be $20 per page per month after 3 months of the build.

Is there a limit on how many leads the page can handle?

No – our pages can handle an unlimited amount of leads. If you are intending a high volume page, please let us know as a premium hosting package may be optimal.

How long will my page take to build?

Some pages may only take a matter of days to build. The more information provided to construct the page, the quicker the page will be live.

Will the landing page look good on mobile?

All our landing pages are designed to be fully responsive, meaning that it will look just as amazing on your phone as it does on your desktop screens.

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