Local SEO


What Is Local SEO?

The term “Local SEO” is thrown around a lot, but what does it actually mean? The short, uncomplicated explanation is local visibility.

Local SEO helps you become the local leader in your industry.  This is vital to win business and maintain growth. Local SEO works in conjunction with high quality customer service, managing your online and offline reputation, and ensuring your business listings are consistent and clear.

What Does Two Trees PPC Do to Help?

We have helped local businesses with their online reputation as well as making sure they are listed on all of their industries’ related platforms. This list is extensive, with some industries requiring your business to be on up to 200 listing websites. 

We also have a dedicated team that will monitor your reviews, respond to all of them – good and bad – and work on systems to help solicit the good reviews for public viewing, and even get ahead of any bad reviews before they go public!

Do I Need a Third Party Management Service?

Many tools out there will help manage the vast array of listings your business needs to be a part of. However, we consult with you to make sure you’re not wasting money on platforms that don’t lead to a return on your investment. We have the experience to determine what tools will give you the best result for your particular industry.

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