In this episode Hailey Kleinhans, Owner of Capitol Floats Auburn, helps us understand the experience of floating, and talks about her vision to spread the concept of connection to self and others at Auburn’s new float spa.

Hailey Kleinhans (Kline-Hanz) considers herself an artist, creative and entrepreneur. She was introduced to floating by Ryan Duey in 2016 – having no idea what it was, she showed up to his newly opened float center and fell in love with the tank. One thing led to another, and she started working at Cap Floats Sac as a float facilitator and worked her way up to the director of operations. In 2018, she approached Ryan with an idea: How about opening her own center in her hometown of Auburn and expanding the vision of Capitol Floats to Placer County? Fast forward to 2020: Hailey was knee deep in construction, shooting to open in April, when COVID shut everything down. Capitol Floats Auburn officially opened June 15th. Hailey enjoys working out, learning new things, being in nature, travelling and making art. 

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