Anna Cantor is a Certified Life Coach and Dementia Care consultant. After her mother was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimers in 2010, Anna became her full time caregiver at only 26 years old. For over a decade Anna has managed her care & sought out how to help others deal with grief and loss and get the right support they need. Anna found that she lacked community and 1:1 help that was specific to her needs, alongside the needs of her mother. She believes firmly that you cannot care for others unless you care for yourself first. She became a certified life coach to mentor caregivers dealing with the daily challenges that come with a loved ones diagnosis with dementia. She helps people find value and meaning in their lives, and teaches them healthy perspectives through mindset shifts, emotional processing tools and communication strategies. Anna works alongside you to provide care consulting and resources for you as a caregiver as well as personal value and empowerment for you to grow as an individual.

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