MarketPlay Episode 46: Caitlin Kolb

  • May 21, 2021

Caitlin Kolb is the founder and owner of Pilates Done Differently (formerly Studio 20) in San Francisco. Caitlin specializes in post-rehab care and is known citywide for her unique approach to Pilates and the results she can achieve with her clients. Driven by her passion to help people feel at home in their bodies and more fulfilled in their lives, her teaching is trauma-informed, comforting, and intuitive. With more patience, care, and generosity, she knows Pilates can be much more than what it is used for traditionally. 

Now Caitlin has her sights set on increasing accessibility to the therapeutic movement industry and has been running an outreach program for the last two years to serve that cause. Through grants awarded by a generous private foundation, Caitlin and her team collaborate with local rehabilitation centers to pair individuals from underserved communities with a PDD staff member. The clients in the program are able to work with PDD on a regular basis, move towards their body-based goals, and have their sessions covered in full. Caitlin is steps away from receiving non-profit status for this program and hopes to increase accessibility across the Bay Area mindful movement industry.

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