Meryl, Mike and Hector Santa Cruz Jr., met for an important discussion about how the Black Lives Matter has changed everything for brands right now. We also honor and educate ourselves on everything Juneteenth.

As a company, we want to have open conversations about inherent biases and the totally unfair “system” that doesn’t allow for people of color to have as easy a ride to the top.

As discussed in the episode, we think that consumers have the ultimate power to influence our society to become more responsible. By simply thinking about where you spend your money, and how you purchase vital goods and services, you can help drive real change in your local community.

With this in mind, we are highlighting some amazing places we think you should shop. So ditch Amazon, and click on some of the stores below to purchase what you need. You should be able to sleep well at night knowing that you helped support a local business, helped to raise our local communities out of poverty, and given opportunity to hard working people who treat their employees well and can ensure their families have greater opportunities too.

These are just a FEW of the Black Owned Businesses we love here in Sacramento. But please tell of us more we can add, and tell us about your local city too!

Classy Hippy Tea Co, Oak Park
Savvy House Coffee Bar, Elk Grove
Tiferet Coffee House (Opposite our office!)

Carol’s Books, Uptown Sacramento
Underground Books, Oak Park

Burgess Brothers
Daddy O’s Smokehouse
Danny’s Donuts, Old Sac
Fixins Soul Kitchen, Oak Park
Saucy Oysters BBQ
Urban Roots

All City Riders
Daisy Head Florals
Lush Balloons
Training With Troya
Troy Watts Photography
Zothex Flooring

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