Patrick Harbison, a Sacramento PR legend, joined Meryl and Mike for the latest round of MarketPlay.

Find out why we had it all wrong with Britney Spears and what Patrick watches on a drunken YouTube deep dive. Meryl also shares what she got up to during quiet nights in Tuscany, Italy… you’d be surprised!

MarketPlay continues with our regular weekly games such as Say What? where this week Patrick has to pick the only true story out of three sneaky business related stories. Again, Meryl nails it with two fake stories which could easily be true!

Patrick is constantly working on amazing projects, something we loved was his work with Family Meal in Sacramento. Donate now to help feed elderly people and children who have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Family Meal is a chef-driven initiative to mobilize restaurants as micro-commissaries to create meals for people in need.  Your contribution not only feeds people in need but also benefits everyone in the food service supply chain. Restaurants utilize the donation to keep staff on payroll and order supplies from local farmers and purveyors in the “farm to fork” capital of the world.

If you have any questions or comments relating to this show, please contact us through this website. If you’d like to be a guest, please reach out – we’ve got quite a list waiting to join in already, but we’re always happy to feature people working to help local businesses! MarketPlay is the podcast from full service digital marketing agency Two Trees PPC, based out of Sacramento but also with offices in San Diego and London, UK.

Show Transcript: