Sonya Sorich, Digital Editor at Sacramento Business Journal, joined Meryl and Mike for the latest round of MarketPlay.

We discussed the latest in marketing and business news and what Twitter have done that could have opened a very complicated ongoing relationship with established media companies.

MarketPlay also continues with our regular weekly games such as Say What? where this week Sonya has to pick the only true story out of three swimming pool related stories. Meryl’s fake stories are really starting to sound better than the real ones.

Sonya is one of our favorite local journalists who works hard to update the Sacramento business community of all local developments and initiatives. Playing MarketPlay with Sonya was so much fun and we could have spent hours talking about how the future of journalism is going to look in regards to modern digital platforms and consumer demand for accurate, fact checked information.

Follow Sonya on Twitter and keep up to date with everything by subscribing to the Sacramento Business Journal, it has been the best source of business news in our region and we read it every day. As Sonya said, it’s exciting to watch stories as they develop and learn what local projects are coming and keep up to date with the progress our region is making. As another economic downturn is on the horizon, we need to keep up with what resources are available to us – the Sacramento Business Journal has done amazing at communicating with us and will continue to be a valuable partner to us at Two Trees PPC.

If you have any questions or comments relating to this show, please contact us through this website. If you’d like to be a guest, please reach out – we’ve got quite a list waiting to join in already, but we’re always happy to feature people working to help local businesses! MarketPlay is the podcast from full service digital marketing agency Two Trees PPC, based out of Sacramento but also with offices in San Diego and London, UK.

Show Transcript: