Meet Mirah Lucas

Chief Operations Officer, Partner

Mirah was born into entrepreneurship and was a pioneer of SEO in the early 2000s

As a child of immigrants, Mirah has known the meaning of dedication and hard work since she was a child. Business and entrepreneurship is in her genes. Coming from parents who owned multiple businesses, it was only a matter of time that Mirah did the same, starting as a marketing consultant in the early 2000s before Google was a household name.

Mirah joined Two Trees PPC in 2018. What drew her to Two Trees was the honesty and transparency of the company. After working in marketing for more than a decade, Mirah has seen the good, bad and ugly of the industry – but she knew it was time to “call the shots,” to not just be an employee, but to actually have a hand in shaping the agency where she worked. With her creativity and copywriting experience, Mirah knew she could help grow Two Trees into an even stronger marketing force.