Mirah Lucas

Mirah got her start in marketing at a small ecommerce company back before Google was a household name. She had a Russian mentor that showed her the ropes of SEO, link building and citation building. It was rough, thankless work, but she learned how invaluable the experience of strategically building an online presence would be more than 15 years later. Mirah saw a giant opportunity within the industry, to make digital marketing synonymous with marketing. Nowadays, digital marketing is marketing and, more often than not, works better – and is much more cost effective – than “traditional” marketing.


Mirah joined Two Trees PPC in 2018. What drew her to Two Trees was the honesty and transparency of the company. After working in marketing for more than a decade, Mirah has seen the good, bad and ugly of the industry – but she knew it was time to “call the shots,” to not just be an employee, but to actually have a hand in shaping the agency where she worked. With her creativity and copywriting experience, Mirah knew she could help grow Two Trees into an even stronger marketing force.


When not heading up communications at Two Trees, Mirah is an active participant in the arts and likes giving back to the community through volunteering.