Pizza Delivery On West Coast

How we helped a Pizza Delivery Company maximize their limited budget for 60 of their locations.

One of our biggest challenges of the past few years was working with a Pizza Delivery Franchise. They had limited budgets per location, but wanted to increase their market share in a highly competitive market. 

Our client had limitations on how much each store could spend due to a policy that required the franchise owner to buy in to the program, many of which still weren’t sold on the idea of Google Search and Display ads working for them.

15 %
Increase In Order Value
90 %
Increase In Orders
15 %
Decrease In Ad Cost
New Locations Since Starting

Given their previous setup, that made sense—the corporate office was running their own ads with little customized targeting for each unique location, and they were trying to run ads from open to close. 

When we took a look at the data, we saw that their ad budget was running out by 4pm. However, peak organic traffic was at 6pm. This meant that no ads were running at the busiest time for their business. This would be the equivalent of a retail store being closed on Black Friday—it just doesn’t make sense. 

We came in and proposed that they run a test on a few locations, only running ads during the 4pm to 8pm peak. Immediately, conversions increased by 240%. Average order value from paid ads rose from $24 to $33, and cost per conversion reduced from $7.80 to $6.

We analyzed two weeks of data to make the decision to apply this across 60 locations they wanted to trial with us. What resulted was a huge ROI that transformed the way the company valued online ordering. Prior to this, calls had been the number one channel for pickup orders—but meeting the demand online and having a presence in spaces where potential customers were proved to be very lucrative.

This was just the start of the optimizations we were able to implement for this client. When they started seeing a 40% increase in evening sales, it freed up some extra budget to push into a late night campaign for key locations, and allowed for the expansion into new markets and they added more stores to our online program.