TikTok ads MANAGEMENT that opens your brand to new audiences

Two Trees PPC has embraced TikTok ads for brands that want to show their fun side and appeal to new young audiences.


TikTok provides the perfect outlet for your brand’s creative side. With millions of new users, of all ages, TikTok is the place to be seen as a cool, edgy, in-touch company.

92% of users globally have taken an action after watching a TikTok. So we know the power behind this highly engaging platform.

When you work with Two Trees PPC, you're working with some of the industry's most respected minds. We're also dedicated to transparency and efficiency. As a result you'll benefit from the following:

Full Platform Access

Local US Based Team

Transparent Billing

Fast Turnaround Times

Live Reporting Dashboard

Fully Cyber Insured 


The Two Trees PPC™ Process



First, we need to learn about your business goals and identify opportunities that would be a good starting focus for targeting.



With us both on the same page, we map out goals and look at the best targets and creative for ads as well as the audiences that will get traction.



This is where we build out the campaigns in TikTok Ads and link Pixels, Google Tag Manager and any other tracking tools needed.



Before we do a full scale launch, we'll want to thoroughly test all tracking and landing pages, then launch for 2 weeks at a reduced budget.



After the tests show some promising results, we are ready to fully launch your campaign, time to put the foot on the gas and watch the returns.



This is an ogoing process that never ends. Even when things appear to be going great, we're always looking at opportunites to tweak for bigger ROI.


Two Trees PPC has been in business since 2017, and was established to give small to medium sized business the transparency they deserve when it comes to their marketing budget.

Since then we've worked hard to grow our business by working hard for our clients. We've grown at a remarkable rate since 2017. In 2021, we are on track to see 300% growth over 2020, in which we saw 200% growth from 2019.

Never! Two Trees PPC only uses an in-house team to manage your TikTok Ads account, and you'll be speaking directly with the people working on your account.

We realize there are a million Digital Marketing Agencies out there, and yes - they all promise the world. We are different in a few ways:

1. We customize every strategy to your business goals — we don't have you jump through hoops to get the help you need.

2. We separate your actual ad spend and the management fee for our time. That way, we are NEVER incentivized to have you spend more than you need to on ads.

3. We don't bother you and take up all your time. No one likes constant communication unless it's needed. We don't make you sit through hours of meetings — you should be spending time on what makes your business special.

4. Our turnaround times are the best in the industry, we don't over-complicate procedures and just get the job done on time and within budget.

Testing and optimization are standard practice at Two Trees PPC. When running social media ads, we suggest various versions of creative to ensure we give the TikTok algorithm enough data to work with.

Each month, we review the effectiveness of these ads and remove elements that aren't working, as well as add in new copy and creative to keep optimizing. We always recommend that your social media ads change at least on a monthly basis.

This question really has no simple answer. Success really depends on your business goals. We work with you while setting up campaigns to define these goals. These are then set as conversions. So, success is more than reach — it's all about how many conversions you're getting, and how much each conversion costs compared to previous months.

We provide monthly reporting for every client, and also the option of a live reporting dashboard which you can log into at anytime to check on your KPIs.

We agree our pricing before starting work. The base price for TikTok Ads Management is $1,500 per month.

A solid marketing mix is how most businesses see success, but tracking effectiveness is important. We always suggest advertising where your ideal audience are at. But the rule of 7 suggests that a target will be more likely to become a client if they interact with you over 7 different mediums. Within Google Ads, we see a huge increase in conversions when running retargeting display alongside a search campaign. Also when running display ads, running Instagram and Facebook remarketing ads increase conversions and branded searches. Digital marketing is extremely integrated, and we have the tools and skills to manage a fully integrated campaign for your company.

TikTok Ads is a very easy to use platform, so why can't you just manage your own ads? Well the answer here is - you can! You're not hiring us to provide a service you can't do yourself. What you're hiring is an experienced team to take the task off your long list of to dos. With our in-house team, you're also benefiting from years of experience. We have over $10M in annual Facebook Ads spend management under our belt, so we know how to spot immediate ways to eliminate wasted ad spend.

In order to fully optimize Digital Marketing campaigns, we need to ensure the page ads are directing to are high quality, fast loading, and have an effective way to collect lead details. We have the ability to create and host pages for a small additional fee ($320 per page), or we request to have full access to your hosted pages to ensure our tracking pixels can be placed.