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outsmart competitors & crush the competition with our proven digital marketing strategies.

Since 2017, Two Trees PPC is Sacramento's premier resource for small marketing teams and business owners, dedicated to stretching limited budgets and boosting ROI through transparent, proactive strategies.

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The Go-To Agency For Results Driven Marketing

All that matters are results. Our results-driven approach focuses on generating more leads, boosting conversions, and increasing revenue for your business. We create tailor-made strategies designed to maximize your growth and enhance your bottom line.







Navigating the digital landscape with expertise and agility, crafting tailored marketing solutions that captivate, convert, and create lasting customer relationships.

Crafting custom solutions specifically for your business

At Two Trees PPC, we understand that each business is unique, which is why we don't offer one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead, we tailor your strategy by building upon the following key pillars to ensure a personalized approach.

Paid Ads Management

  • Google Ads
  • Meta Ads
  • TikTok Ads
  • Apple Ads

Streaming TV Ads

  • Hulu
  • Amazon
  • YouTube TV
  • Roku / Tubi / Pluto

Marketing Automation

  • Full CRM Integration
  • Personalized Workflows
  • Data Enrichment
  • Hubspot Partners


  • SEO Rich Blog Posts
  • Video Production
  • Podcast Recording
  • Webinar Consultation

Email Marketing

  • Drip Campaigns
  • Powerful Conquest Campaigns
  • Transactional Email Setup
  • Smart Segmentation

Data & Analytics

  • Advanced Analytics
  • Custom Reporting Dashboards
  • Audience Intelligence
  • First Party Data Analysis
What We Do

We started two trees ppc in 2017 because we saw a gap in the market!

In 2017, the founders of Two Trees PPC recognized a significant gap in the digital marketing landscape. The industry, dominated by large corporations and agencies, was leaving small and medium-sized businesses struggling to gain a foothold in the competitive world of online advertising. Two Trees PPC was established with a singular goal in mind: to help these underserved businesses thrive in the digital space by providing them with high-quality Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing services at a reasonable, fixed rate cost on a monthly basis.

Media companies and the big agencies were focused on working with big-budget clients, catering to their extensive requirements, and providing them with expensive dedicated teams of specialists. Locking them into long contracts and providing very little in transparency. This left small and medium-sized businesses with limited options, as they struggled to find agencies that could cater to their specific needs and budget constraints. Two Trees PPC saw this as an opportunity to bridge the gap and create a niche service that catered exclusively to these businesses, offering tailored, results-driven solutions for growth.


At Two Trees PPC, our mission is to champion the cause of small and medium-sized enterprises, offering them customized, data-informed, and wallet-friendly digital marketing campaigns that propel growth, elevate online presence, and boost their bottom line.


Two Trees PPC believes that every business, regardless of size or budget, deserves access to high-quality digital marketing services that drive growth and success. By specializing in serving small and medium-sized businesses, we strive to be a catalyst for change, bridging the gap between these enterprises and the competitive world of online advertising. We are committed to delivering personalized, data-driven solutions that align with our clients' unique objectives and help them achieve their full potential in the digital space.

Our philosophy is built on teamwork, non-stop innovation, and an unrelenting hunger for excellence. We roll up our sleeves and dive in with our clients to crush the complexities of PPC marketing and create epic, lasting impact in the digital space.

Core Values

  1. Empathy-driven customer service: We prioritize understanding our clients' unique needs and aspirations, ensuring our marketing solutions are tailored and impactful.
  2. Radical transparency: By cultivating open and sincere communication with our clients, we build trust and nurture long-term enduring relationships.
  3. Never-ending evolution: We commit to refining our strategies, tactics, and tools in the face of an ever-shifting digital landscape, consistently delivering inventive solutions.
  4. Data-driven decision making: Utilizing advanced analytics to make informed decisions, optimize campaign performance, and maximize return on investment for our clients.
  5. Open-door policy: We keep our PPC services affordable and adaptable for every business, ensuring that businesses of all sizes can benefit from our expertise and experience.
Two Trees PPC BBB Business Review

Unleashing Success: Explore Our Client Victories

Discover how our tailored digital marketing strategies have driven growth and exceeded expectations for businesses like yours. Delve into our case studies and witness the remarkable results we've achieved for our valued clients.

Senior Living Community Google Ads Improvements

40% Reduction in costs with a 20% increase in booked tours.

Using TikTok To Boost Undergrad Applications

160% Increase in qualified applicants from just one TikTok campaign.

Streaming TV Ads Driving Pizza Sales On Game Day

Targeting local sporting event viewers to increase pizza sales during half time.

Clients Who Trust Us

We truly value our clients' success and strive to create lasting connections based on trust and mutual respect.

  • Two Trees is always very helpful and know exactly how to help you navigate your digital marketing. They respond quickly and make sure you are spending your advertising dollars online wisely. I highly recommend them and their services.
    Brandy McIntire
    Standard Media Group
  • The Two Trees Team have been our internal marketing department since early 2018, and have transformed my lead generation process. We have worked together to refine our targeting and dominate in new territory over the years. I can say they're a huge asset to my business.
    Roland Tiemann
    Tiemann Defense Law Firm
  • Two Trees PPC has been instrumental in bring our organization kicking and screaming into the modern digital age. When COVID hit, we lost our main way of winning new business. The entire team at Two Trees worked tirelessly to establish a strong robust lead flow and now we're winning new business like never before. Thank you all so much.
    Tony Brown
    AMC, Inc.

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