We Outperform Media Companies at a Fraction of the Cost and Always on a Month-to-Month Basis.


We earned the respect and trust of many highly regarded institutions.

Why Working With Us Always Beats Working With a Media Company

Top 5 Reasons We've Won Hundreds Of Contracts From Major Media Companies.

1. Advertising Is Our Primary Function

Media compaines spin up marketing divisions to fund their primary operations - be that TV stations, Newspapers or Radio. This puts their primary focus on their bottom line, which translates into how much more they can squeeze out of you each month. Regardless of how nice their staff are, they are pressured to sell and have poor job security which is why you'll be promised the world but instead get a world of excuses!

2. Month To Month Agreements

We're so confident in our abilities, we never tie our partners into a long term contract. If you don't like working with us or are unhappy with the results we get, it is your right to fire us!

3. Real Local Experience

Our team has extensive experience working for large media companies, so we know that they offshore operations to reduce their US payroll expenses. This is great for their bottom line, but means you don't get an experienced team working on your account each day. Sure, their sales teams are charismatic and local. But ask who is actually doing the work, and you'll find out it's all automated or outsourced!

4. Retainer Vs Markups

Our partners always pay the actual cost of their ads. We don't manipulate the numbers by adding a percentage fee that comes to us. Instead, we charge a fair monthly retainer that covers all our labor and tool costs. This way, we are also not incentivized for you to spend more on ads than you actually need to. With our costs covered, you can trust us to be true custodians of your advertising budget and make smart moves that drive results, not our profits.

5. The Latest Strategies

Our team is highly skilled and constantly training. We only hire those who excel in using the latest technology and understand the latest developments in our industry. We invest heavily in training our team so we can confidently say we're better than the rest! Major media companies are about 4 years behind in adapting to our fast paced market. We're offering solutions years before your competitors are embracing them, so working with us you get the advantage.

Our Capabilities

We Only Offer Services That We Are Experts In. There's No Room For Mediocrity In Marketing.

Recession Proof Your Business.

Consumer spend declines in a recession, but will still spend good money on what they perceive to be a vital good or service. Consumers are especially weary of high costs during a recession, but will be looking for great value in your offering. This is a perfect opportunity for your business to stand out.

We’re the Leading Experts in marketing for small to medium sized local Businesses, there’s no other Marketing agency who is more specialized in optimizing ad spend than us

Two Trees Planted Per Client.

We partnered with One Tree Planted to help combat climate change in California.

Partnership with One Tree Planted - Two Trees PPC

Your Business Deserves Results.

We cater to all business types. Delivering excellent results that are customized for your exact needs.

What's going on?

Our team writes about the current state of the marketing landscape and offer advice on what you can do to help your business get the most of all that is available today. From Pay Per Click tricks to major events that affect business operations and what business owners can do, read our insights here.

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