Backlinking Strategies

BACKLINKING STRATEGIES THAT get you seen by the right customer

Two Trees PPC is a leader in Search Engine Optimization and only utilizes long term white hat methods. Protecting your brand is vital, so don’t risk it by opting for short cuts.

Backlinks are one of the most important elements of Search Engine Optimization.

A high number of backlinks to your domain shows Google that you’re an authority to their users, so you’re given higher rankings than other results.

Not just any old backlink will do. A strategy of high-quality links as well as a mix of broader foundational links works best in our experience. Also, these should be planned, slowly and carefully, as to not raise any red flags. Slow and steady growth is the key to success.

When you work with Two Trees PPC, you’re working with some of the industry’s most respected minds. We’re also dedicated to transparency and efficiency. As a result you’ll benefit from the following:

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The Two Trees PPC SEO™ Process



First, we need to learn about your business goals and identify keywords and audience groups that would be best suited for your growth goals.



With us both on the same page, we map out goals and look at the best mix of backlinks, guest posts and technical SEO that will help your rank.



We develop a full integrated SEO strategy to help you reach your traffic and visibility goals over the next 12 months.



The first 2 months is considered a pre-launch. This allows time for toxic links to drop off and our new ones to start ranking.



With the intial launch showing us data trends. We refine the SEO portfolio for long term gains in rankings and traffic.



This is an ongoing process that never ends. Even when things appear to be going great, we’re always looking at opportunities to increase your rank.


Who are we?

Two Trees PPC has been in business since 2017, and was established to give small to medium sized business the transparency they deserve when it comes to their marketing budget.

Since then we’ve worked hard to grow our business by working hard for our clients. We’ve grown at a remarkable rate since 2017. In 2021, we project 300% growth over 2020, in which we saw 200% growth from 2019.

Do you offshore your work?

Never! Two Trees PPC’s team all work out of the same office in Sacramento. Even if most days are work from home, we meet regularly in person and handle all our work in house with occasional help from our US partners. 

How are you different than other marketing agencies?

We realize there are a million Digital Marketing Agencies out there, and yes – they all promise the world. We are different in a few ways:

1. We customize every strategy to your business goals – we don’t have you jump through hoops to get the help you need.

2. Our fixed-rate SEO packages mean that you know exactly what to expect each month. We include everything in the price, so you don’t feel nickel and dimed.

3. We don’t bother you and take up all your time. No one likes constant communication unless it’s needed. We don’t make you sit through hours of meetings – you should be spending time on what makes your business special.

4. Our turnaround times are the best in the industry, we don’t over-complicate procedures and just get the job done on time and within budget.

What do you consider success?

This question really has no simple answer. Success really depends on your business goals. We work with you while setting up your SEO strategy. Most clients are looking to rank higher for specific keywords, but some are looking to get more traffic overall. No matter what your goal is, we will make sure our entire team are working towards what success looks like to you.

Will I get performance reports?

We provide monthly reporting for every client, and also the option of a live reporting dashboard which you can log into at anytime to check on live rankings.

How much does this cost?

We agree our pricing before starting work. We have SEO packages to suit all levels. Our current base package is $1,500 per month.

Why do I need SEO management?

Obtaining quality backlinks on your own is an extremely daunting process. When we first started, we spent hours each day researching the best partners to ask for links and provide reciprocal links to. Thankfully, over the years, we’ve developed really strong partnerships that have cut down the time spent on this task. So by using our management service, you’re fast-forwarding your SEO strategy at least 4 years ahead.

Do you manage technical SEO too?

We are a full service SEO agency, so yes, we can absolutely take care of the technical elements of your SEO. 

However, most website design firms cover this extensively in their build process (unless you opted for a cheap or inexperienced firm). 

We often show our clients the technical faults in their SEO and the website designer is keen to fix them, in order to preserve their reputation. It’s also your right as a paying customer to get what you pay for.

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