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Announcing Live Sports Streaming Ads

Introducing cutting-edge streaming TV ad packages for live sports events, offering real-time purchasing and delivery across multiple devices.

Published on

Dec 01, 2023

Written by

Mike Wisby

SACRAMENTO, CA: Two Trees PPC is thrilled to announce the launch of our cutting-edge streaming TV ad packages for live sporting events, launching on December 1st 2023.

After a successful 12-month beta phase, we've seen incredible results for our advertisers.

Our service, leverages the shift in audience preferences from linear to streaming TV, tapping into the massive, engaged audience of live sports fans​

Our ad packages provide a vast range of options, allowing advertisers to handpick sports-related channels or focus on specific leagues, guaranteeing that their ads are shown alongside the most relevant live sports content.

The programmatic nature of these ads allows for real-time purchasing and delivery across multiple devices, ensuring maximum exposure and engagement.

We have incorporated valuable lessons learned in beta into our service, including being compatible with all devices, tracking the audience across multiple channels, and prioritizing performance-driven creativity to optimize effectiveness and deliver results.

We cannot contain our excitement to offer this groundbreaking advertising solution and eagerly anticipate empowering our clients to achieve extraordinary success in this exciting new era of sports advertising.

Join our waitlist and one of our team will reach out when we are ready to onboard you. 

Prices vary per market and volume of order.

Rates start at $40CPM

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