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How to Create an Effective Call to Action

Are visitors to your website taking action? Perhaps you are not inspiring them to do so. The problem may be your call-to-action. Your CTA is the single most important part of your initial marketing campaign. It will make the difference in gaining a new customer or losing them.

A CTA is a prompt that gets your reader to act. There is usually a button, a clickable image, or a link. Call-to-action marketing can be found on a landing page or sprinkled throughout a website. You will even find it on social media posts. So how do you create a CTA that converts?

Have a Compelling Why

Just sharing is never the goal of a business page post or email. You want the reader to take action. Preferably you want them to buy something, call you, or click. Make the benefits of taking action obvious. Write from the user’s perspective. Your readers are only concerned with how they benefit. Make sure that your CTA does more than just tell the reader what your business does. They don’t care. They want to know why they need what you have.


Be Direct

You must state a clear and indisputable benefit. For example, “Want to earn $1500 from home in the next 30 days? Find out more here!” Don’t beat around the bush. Say what you have and ask for the action. The right tone can persuade those who visit your site to provide their email, buy a product, buy a product, or share content on their social media. A good CTA will include a great explanation. A call to action should be clear and straightforward in order to prompt consumers to take action quickly. Being direct in your CTA will lead to better conversions.


Using the Right Words

Words matter a lot when writing a CTA. The words you use are what cause people to act. Be sure that you focus on value. Also, use action words that create scarcity and urgency. By getting personal you can invite readers inside for a feeling of community. Use words that foster anticipation and curiosity. Be sure that what readers see leading up to your call to action shows clear benefits and provides social proof.


The right call to action can make a world of difference. Try it today and see for yourself!

An effective CTA needs more than a button. The remaining copy on your page must support it with benefits and social proof.

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