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You’re Not Using Remarketing Ads? Here’s Why That’s a Mistake

Remarketing is an incredibly useful strategy that helps increase brand awareness, and targets and attracts your competitor's customers.

Published on

Jun 07, 2019

Written by

Mirah Lucas

What is a Display Remarketing Campaign?

According to Google:

“Remarketing campaigns are used to show ads to people who have visited your website or used your app. These campaigns provide you with extra settings and reports specifically for reaching previous visitors and users.”

How Remarketing Works

Once you have a Google Ads account and a display advertising campaign set up, you’ll want to set up a remarketing campaign as well. In a simplified explanation, you’re then able to obtain a remarketing code that you’ll put on your website. This remarketing code will help you “re-market” to those people who visit your website, homing in on your chances that you’ll snag them as a customer.

Let’s look at an outside example. Say you’re searching for a new home. You might type in “homes for sale” and click through to Redfin, a popular real estate website. You browse the different homes that are available, but maybe you didn’t see anything you were interested in and didn’t contact anyone about a potential new home. Then, you visit a couple of other real estate websites to look for a new home. Again, you were just browsing. Later that week, you’re catching up on news online, and you see a Redfin ad. That ad is re-marketing to you because they know you’re interested in new homes.

How Can Remarketing Help You?

Remarketing is important to your overall strategy. It works best in conjunction with other marketing strategies like Search Advertising.

Many people look at products or services that they don’t follow through on, even though they might really want a specific product or service. There are many reasons why person chooses not to purchase – maybe there’s not enough time to make a decision or maybe they’re shopping around with other companies. This is why remarketing to potential customers is highly effective. You help them make that decision easier by showing them why your company is the best to fit their needs.

Increase Brand Awareness

Retargeting your visitors allows you to establish and increase your brand’s awareness. When potential customers see your ad throughout their online journey, you become more familiar and more easily trusted as a brand name.

Engage Your Target Audience

96% of visitors leave without converting and 49% of visitors browse a site 2-4 times before they make a purchase. Remarketing helps you actively engage with your audience, allowing you to follow a user from site to site to re-engage their interests to lead them back to your own site.

Snag Your Competitors’ Customers

With a remarketing strategy, you can target your competition’s customers. Your ads pop up on a customer’s browser after they visited your site or searched for a particular keyword. This means you can now target people who have visited websites that are highly relevant to your product including your competitors.

You Can Use Remarketing Across Platforms

You can retarget your audience – not just on Google – but on other platforms too! The platform or platforms you use depends on your company’s industry and where retargeting will be the most valuable. Right now, we’ve been seeing a valuable upsurge in Instagram remarketing. It’s very visual and very effective for many audiences across industries.

But in order to do this right, be sure that you’re not associating any personally identifiable or sensitive information with your remarketing tags. Some categories of websites and apps are too sensitive to be considered for remarketing and simply can’t use this strategy. If you’re setting up a remarketing campaign and placing the remarketing tag on your website or mobile app, you need to follow the Policy for Personalized advertising.

Reach your target audience with relevant ads on topics they’re already searching for. If you want to improve your customer base and your bottom line, and if you want to make your brand name a name they trust, then remarketing is the solution for you.


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