Top 10 Digital Marketing Companies in Sacramento

  • September 13, 2018

Overwhelmed with terrible results from your marketing efforts? Perhaps you’re looking for a top local company to help your business. It’s funny that the names of the agencies that show on top in Google search results are either the same ones that keep paying for the top sponsorship package, or they are some random, fly-by-night scam that has scooped up enough cash to pay for one premium placement.

The fact is most of these list sites are just money grabs for people who are able to capitalize on their SEO skills. Unfortunately, agencies that are desperate for new clients are flocking to these so-called “experts” and flooding the market with misinformation.

Highly sought-after Pay Per Click companies, such as Two Trees PPC in Sacramento, have noticed that the internet is flooded with thousands of local “experts” who think they can throw in PPC as an extra service – but their main business is a totally different tactic or service entirely. We have made it our business to know in detail every single “Digital Marketing” company in Sacramento, and we can tell you now that no one else specializes in pay per click marketing – they all throw it in as an “extra service”.

Don’t just take our word for it. Do your research, follow our checklist below and please call us afterwards to discuss your findings! They might surprise you.

  1. Call their main business phone number:
    • Do they have a real person answer the phone?
    • Are they friendly or do they sound annoyed that you’re potentially wasting their time?
    • Are they actually based right here in Sacramento?
  2. Check their website:
    • Does it load fast?
    • Is their site professional looking?
    • Do they display their pricing on the website?
    • Do they list any clients, and are they proud of their work?
  3. Check the BBB for a listing.
  4. Are they accredited with the Better Business Bureau?
    • Do they have any negative reviews?
  5. Are they a Google Partner?

If the company passes all 4 tests above, they are most likely a great candidate for your assistance and your company will be in great hands.

We want you to succeed! Don’t get scammed, do your homework and you will find high quality services right here in Sacramento.

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