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3 Digital Marketing Trends You’ll Need to Invest In

You don't need to be tech savvy or otherwise well-versed in computers to meet new customers and rebuild your audience. All you need is a plan.

Published on

Feb 25, 2022

Written by

Cecilia Qu'in

If the last two years have taught us anything about modern day marketing, it’s that society as we know it is ruled by social media. With millions upon millions of user accounts engaging with one another every day, it can be difficult to ascertain which trends are worth considering as you continue to model your marketing plans to keep up with the times.

No matter what your professional background may be, common trends are an essential component of modern day marketing. With mere seconds to create a lasting impression on your audience, there’s simply no way around it.

That’s where we come in.

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Top 3 “Marketing Hacks” to Apply in 2022

“Why settle for ‘What-Ifs’ and ‘Maybes’ when we can choose to make the best possible use of the technology we already have?”

A word from the writer

1. User Engagement

Let’s face it. The time of “quantity over quality” is over. Almost nothing can scare off a new customer faster than an inaccessible or unwelcoming social media presence. Which, while seemingly absurd, actually makes a lot of sense.

Most new customers won’t buy anything until they’ve formed an emotional attachment to your brand, or something your brand has to offer. If you aren’t actively making time to engage with your existing followers, the algorithm will categorize your account as “irrelevant” – essentially destroying any chance your social media accounts might have to connect with new users.

Don’t waste your chance to make the best of this invaluable marketing tool. If your social media account currently has less than 10% of your followers engaging with your content, you need to fix this ASAP.


  1. Login to your account between 8am-9:30am, and engage with the followers you already have. “Like” and Comment on every new post you can find! Doing this will inform the social media algorithm that you know these people, which will boost your ability to reach them when you do eventually post later in the day.
  2. Post a new photo/video between 9-11am. This is where your use of “Stories” could come in handy. Stories are the perfect opportunity to get a tad more personal than you normally would on the content posted to your business account. You don’t have to get too personal either, but you can go a long way just by featuring a friendly face, a bit of music, some welcoming gifs, etc. Repost whatever new content you like to your Stories. Keep it fun, playful, and informative so you don’t go scaring off potential customers who would otherwise “mute” your Stories.
  3. Actually engage with your viewers when they comment on your content. We cannot possibly stress the importance of this step enough.

If you don’t have time to post new content every single day, that’s okay too! In fact, it’s actually best NOT to post every day when you’re in the process of repairing your relationship with old followers.


If you don’t have time to post every day, create a Content Production Calendar to keep track of your posts and stick to it! You’d be amazed to see how quickly you can fix the damage done to abandoned social media accounts once you’ve set aside the time to properly invest in your audience.

If you’re not sure where to start, remember that consistency is key. The whole reason we have social media accounts as business owners is to maximize the potential traffic to your professional website.

. . .

2. DIY Video Content

Whether we like it or not, TikTok changed everything. Not just because the app skyrocketed in popularity during the pandemic, but because quality videos are the most powerful marketing tools in existence! With Reels dominating the timeline on Facebook and Instagram, this latest marketing trend is not going away anytime soon. If you want your social media profiles to beat the algorithm, you need to invest in quality Reels.

Now, when we say you need to “invest” in quality reels, we don’t necessarily recommend adding a cent to your marketing budget. Quite the contrary, in fact.

If you don’t want to add the expense of hiring a social media manager to your budget? Don’t worry. You don’t always need to hire a tech wiz or a filmmaking crew to produce awesome videos. In fact, the most popular Reels out there are made by every day people on their cell phones. Start simple.

What we want you to focus on is the creation of short, clean, relatable videos. You don’t need to have a TikTok account either. You just need to make the time to use what you have.


  1. A passably good smartphone.
  2. Access to a decent video editing app.
  3. The 2-4 hours it takes to film, edit, and post a new piece of Reel content.


Contrary to popular belief, creating Reels that regularly engage your audience is actually a good thing! Especially for small businesses who can’t afford the additional cost of hiring a full content production crew to their budget. You’d be amazed what a single content producer can do.

And if you can’t hire one just yet? We highly recommend you make the time to work with what you have. Just film, edit, and upload those Reels yourself! Stay on top of that Content Calendar, and watch as your viewership slowly starts to regain traction again.


. . .

3. Hyperlocal Marketing

The more we continue to focus on the necessities of Geotargeting, the more you’ll need to focus on a little something that we marketers like to call “Hyperlocal Marketing.” One of the oldest marketing tricks in the book.

Narrowing down the location of our audience is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this critical factor of modern day marketing. Much like in the old days when we relied heavily on word-of-mouth, Hyperlocal Marketing can be broken down into a wide variety of steps designed to pinpoint your ideal customer before they even know what hit them.

Instead of settling on a “general location” and blindly marketing to literally everyone in that group, Hyperlocal Marketing allows us the unique opportunity to pinpoint and isolate the perfect customer with expert precision.

This is made possible by hyper-focusing on a wide variety of relevant factors. Things like address, age rage, preferred “likes,” “dislikes,” gender, etc. Even with some customers feeling rightly concerned about their privacyHyperlocal Marketing is just too cost-effective and user-friendly an option to ignore.

Successful business owners don’t just gamble their hard-earned dollars away. They like to weigh out as many relevant options as possible before placing a bid on an investment. Why on Earth would you accept any less than that?

. . .

Keeping Up

Rebuilding your following is much like rebuilding trust. It takes time and dedication to heal what was lost.If you’re not attached to your current list of followers? No worries! You won’t be able to repair those virtual relationships… but you can always choose to start fresh with a whole new account.

If you stay focused, make time to invest in the promotion of your work, and regularly engage with your followers, you’ll find your business reconnecting with past customers in no time.

Don’t settle for “What-Ifs” and “Maybes.” Do the work and don’t be afraid to try new things. No matter which option you choose, remember that anyone can build a successful following. You don’t need to be incredibly tech savvy or otherwise well-versed in computers to meet new customers and rebuild your audience. All you need is a plan, and the discipline required to stick to it.

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