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Why PPC Marketing Remains Effective

Studies show that users favor clicking Paid Ads, and mobile search results are dominated by paid ads. Use your PPC strategy effectively.

Published on

Jan 31, 2019

Written by

Mike Wisby



New research shows that organic click-through rates, known as CTRs, on the search engine results page (SERPs) of Google are dropping steadily on both desktop computers and smartphones. What users seem to be favoring instead are paid clicks and no-click search results, with both the US and Europe preferring these types of searches. The decline isn’t huge (yet), but it’s “double digits in Europe and nearly as much in the US.” 1

Google Desktop Click-Through Rates

Google Desktop Click Through Rates, 2018
Credit: Jumpshot/SparkToro

Google CTRs show varied results according to the variance in regions.





Google Click-Through Rates on Mobile

Google Mobile Click Through Rates, 2018
Credit: Jumpshot/SparkToro

In this graph, data suggests organic CTRs are showing an even harsher drop in results on smartphones – down by almost a third. In the US, paid clicks have more than doubled since 2016. 2

The probable reason why organic click-throughs on desktop have slowed less than on mobile is because of larger monitors – meaning, we have more screen “real estate” on a desktop. There is simply more to see, with scrolling being easier than on mobile.

What Does All This Mean for You?

Mobile search results are dominated by paid ads, answer boxes and carousels.2 As time goes on, it will be imperative to have your paid campaigns optimized with where the trends are going – that is, where the users are clicking. And that is less and less through organic search.

Since Google dominates the search landscape, controlling much of how that information is gathered and sent to us, the consumers, we’re keeping an eye out on trends and the latest analyses to maneuver our clients’ data – taking the best routes, and ensuring they keep getting quality leads and conversions. 

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