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You may have heard all about “digital marketing” and how it’s so important for your business. But what does the term even mean? It’s often used interchangeably to describe various online activities that increase awareness of a brand or a product.

It’s more than just online marketing!

Digital marketing actually extends to channels that aren’t traditionally associated with the internet, such as mobile phone marketing channels like SMS and MMS, In-App advertising, social media advertising, and video advertising.

Technically, most of these channels require an internet connection, but their reach far extends computer screens. With streaming video services such as YouTube available on smart TVs, mobile devices and beyond, digital marketing is now mainstream.

So digital marketing is modern marketing?

Yes, essentially you can remove the word “digital” given that this form of marketing will take over traditional marketing efforts like printed ads, billboards, and eventually TV and Radio ads!

So rather than the term referring to just one or two marketing channels, it’s more reflective of a modern approach to marketing. When you hear someone mention the term, ask them to elaborate. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very different to Pay Per Click (PPC), but can both be referred to as digital marketing.

Impossible to ignore.

If you own a business today, you need to be marketing on digital channels! You should be where your potential customers spend the most time, which is increasingly using mobile apps, social media or streaming videos. The good news is, it’s very easy to get your brand, service or product positioned on these channels! Better still, these advertising channels are usually much more affordable than traditional marketing methods, and are highly trackable. Your return on investment (ROI) can actually be calculated to the exact cent if everything is set up correctly and professionally.

So don’t delay. Check your digital marketing strategy today!

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