We are Google Ads Champions

  • March 4, 2019

Recently, Two Trees PPC participated in Google Ads Champions Week.

Our SEM team was immersed in Google’s interactive week-long remote course that explored Google’s best practices for 2019 and brought us up to date on Google products and tools.

The goal of the educational Ads course was to empower Google Premier Partners like us to maintain a high level of knowledge in this ever-changing industry, while also providing us with the recognition that comes with the honorable distinction of being able to participate.

Hosted by Google product experts, Google Ads Champions week focused on the fundamentals of Audience, Automation, and Attribution.

Not About Competition, But About Best Practices

We believe continuing education is a must in this fast-paced field.

By being at the forefront of Google trends and best practices, we can help our clients maintain a competitive edge in their own industries.

At Ads Champions Week, it wasn’t necessarily about competition as it was about gaining new knowledge and experiences.

Not only did we learn more about AdWords techniques and strategies, but we also got an exclusive look at upcoming Google products and tools.

We also had the opportunity to exchange feedback and shared collective experiences on using Google products.

We talked about what worked and what didn’t—within our own processes, as well as within the client journey.

By participating in Google Champions Week, we’re able to stay ahead of what’s happening in Search Marketing.

And our work for our clients improves as a result, allowing us to leverage these cutting edge AdWords strategies to deliver excellent paid search results. 

We’re excited to implement these new features to help our clients generate more revenue!

google adwords to google ads

About Google Ads & AdWords

AdWords — now known as Google Ads — is an industry disruptor, bringing the power of online advertising into the hands of small business owners like you.

Now, anyone can buy keywords, giving your business tremendous reach, paying on a per-click basis.

Easy, in theory—but not easy for someone who doesn’t have expertise.

That’s where we come in. 

We make the whole process of digital advertising easier for you and your business.

Are you ready for what Google Ads has in store?

We’re proud to be a Premier Google Partner in Sacramento. Google Champions Week gave us invaluable insight.

Because of it, we’re a better agency, and we strive to better serve our clients each day.

Are you looking for Google Ads expertise? Need help leveraging your data to drive ROI?

We’ve got your back. Call or message us today!

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