Paid Search & Social Ads

Paid Search & Social Ads

What Is Paid Search Advertising?

Also referred to as Search Engine Marketing (SEM), search advertising is the process of purchasing ad space to show your company in the search results for the term the user has typed in. This typically involves Google AdWords, but your customers also use Bing, Yahoo, and even Social Media to search. Some even use searches on smaller websites that use the bigger search engines as a provider – these are called “partners”. As part of an audience analysis, we determine where your ideal customers are searching, and optimize your search advertising strategy to align with this.

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Keyword Analysis

It’s commonly thought that the keywords you use are the most important factor in Search Engine Marketing. They are important, but it’s just one small element affecting overall ad quality and ranking. It’s important to consider how your ideal customer will interact with your ad and ensure there’s a clear “Call to Action” within the message and in the subsequent landing page the ad goes to.

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Search Advertising at Two Trees

We are Google Partners, with a specialization in search advertising. This means we have demonstrated our core competencies to Google as well as having a proven track record of real life results with our clients. It’s more than just results however, as part of the Google Partner program, we are committed to transparency and honesty.

People hire Two Trees PPC for a variety of search advertising tasks. From setting up Google AdWords accounts, to a complete overhaul of keyword structures and ad copy testing. We love the geeky stuff and will obsess over the stats so you always get the best possible return on your investment. We live and breathe this stuff, so you can get back to focusing on what makes your business great.

Social Ads

Facebook recently changed their algorithm, reducing the frequency of commercial pages that show in personal feeds. This is why you’ve seen an increasing number of business postings that ask you to interact with them. Think about all those polls and requests for you to post a picture with a hashtag! #annoying

We use your first party data to make sure we know who your perfect customer is and develop custom audiences and lookalikes to reduce wasted ad spend. You only want your perfect customer to see your ad, but it’s also important to only reach them at the time they are ready to purchase. This will see the maximum possible return on your ad spend investment.

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