About Us

We are digital marketing experts, passionate about helping entrerpreneurs.

Two Trees PPC is a web design, digital marketing, and media production company.

Our head office is based in the heart of Sacramento, the capital city of California, but we work with clients from all over California, and the world!

In 2017, we started our agency, Two Trees PPC, because we really enjoy helping busy entrepreneurs with their online marketing efforts. We noticed that business owners were getting offered really bad deals with web design and PR firms, as well as traditional print media companies who claim they would “throw in” Digital Marketing as an extra service. This just doesn’t make any sense – you wouldn’t trust your pool guy to fix your HVAC system, so why would you trust non-experts like web designers with your digital campaigns?

In 2020, we started our podcast MarketPlay, hosted by the amazingly talented Meryl Hathaway who we hired as our Creative Producer. Our media production arm creates podcasts and videos for small businesses.

Also in 2020, we expanded our team internationally, bringing on board a UK team of web designers with over 20 years of experience. This partnership cements our commitment to bringing only best in house services to the businesses that trust us. We produce the highest quality work available to the markets we serve, all at a fair, transparent prices.

We’re incredibly proud of what we do and stand by our core values at all times.

Our Core Values


Be Transparent

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Transparency is at the core of everything we do. We deliver on what we promise and provide full reporting and accountability for every client. We don’t shy away from bad news, we own it and formulate a plan to success.


Be Data Driven

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We leave egos and opinions at the door. We only use real data to make our decisions. This leads to efficient and effective results sooner.


Be Agile

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The ability to adapt to new technologies is vital in the digital marketing industry. Our team is committed to ongoing learning and improvement.

We are the most honest marketing company you’ll ever work with.

Working for other marketing agencies really opened our eyes to how they spin numbers to make every report meeting easier for them. Sweeping poor results under the carpet, or just deflecting to meaningless metrics to save face.

We believe that if there’s bad news, it should be addressed immediately.

Don’t just take our word for it. Our partners love working with us, and stick with us for the long term. Think of us as your trusted marketing partner, not just another vendor. We always have our client’s backs, and put long term relationships over short term gains. Always.

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