AI is very cool, but it will never replace the need for real life human intelligence. You deserve a real life team working on your marketing efforts, not automated software, bots, programmatic algorithms, whatever buzz words you've been told... forget them. This is the bunch of humans who will be taking care of you at Two Trees PPC.

Michael Wisby

Co-Founder, CEO

Michael grew up in London, UK and moved to Sacramento back in 2012. In every job he’s had, he’s always developed a relationship with the owners or key decision makers, and established himself as a trusted resource for technical knowledge and enthusiastic brainstorming on how to do things better.

It’s become his mission to save businesses money from wasteful marketing campaigns by using real data—not opinions. Real data has the power to show us how to adapt your marketing investments to achieve a quicker ROI.

Working with local business owners in Sacramento, using his accent as a talking point to get in the door, he was able to develop trust through showing actual results.

Throughout the years, Michael has transformed the fate of thousands of national and international Google Ads accounts into successful, profitable campaigns.

Outside of marketing, Michael loves travel and European music festivals. He actually spent 10 years helping to organize volunteers at huge events like Glastonbury Festival, Reading Festival and Latitude Festival.

Michael is passionate and knowledgeable and founded Two Trees PPC as a platform to connect with business owners and share honest, transparent advice. He’s ready to speak to you today – so just give us a call!

Mirah Lucas

Partner, COO

Mirah got her start in marketing at a small eCommerce company back before Google was a household name. She had a Russian mentor that showed her the ropes of SEO, link building and citation building. It was rough, thankless work, but she learned how invaluable the experience of strategically building an online presence would be more than 15 years later. Mirah saw a giant opportunity within the industry, to make digital marketing synonymous with marketing. Nowadays, digital marketing is marketing and, more often than not, works better – and is much more cost effective – than “traditional” marketing.

Mirah joined Two Trees PPC in 2018. What drew her to Two Trees was the honesty and transparency of the company. After working in marketing for more than a decade, Mirah has seen the good, bad and ugly of the industry – but she knew it was time to “call the shots,” to not just be an employee, but to actually have a hand in shaping the agency where she worked. With her creativity and copywriting experience, Mirah knew she could help grow Two Trees into an even stronger marketing force.

When not heading up communications at Two Trees, Mirah is an active participant in the arts and likes giving back to the community through volunteering.

Mirah Lucas

Lexi Spencer

Digital Marketing Analyst

Lexi is a Sacramento native, who graduated from Sacramento State in 2020. While in college, Lexi demonstrated a keen interest in marketing, and worked with the California Craft Brewer’s Association on a variety of marketing materials and events. This led to a position with Unearth agency here in Sacramento and her love of marketing data started!

Since joining our team in early 2021, Lexi has been responsible for wrangling all the data our campaigns generate. With her organization and eye for detail, we’ve been able to streamline our reporting and optimization solutions for our clients. This means we’re able to save even more wasted ad spend and make every dollar our clients invest in ad spend work harder.

When not geeking out over numbers here at Two Trees PPC, Lexi loves to spend time with her dog outdoors, checking out the local trails or spending time on the water!

Cecilia Qu'in

Content Writer

Cecilia is a vital part of the creative machine here at Two Trees PPC. She loves to write and with a passion for psychology and education, her goal is to create compelling and down-to-earth content which may better appeal to the common person.

With over decade of professional experience in communications, childcare, and live entertainment, she is no stranger to the working world and looks forward to introducing so many small business owners to the necessities of modern day marketing strategies.

When not researching or writing for Two Trees PPC, Cecilia is a working college student majoring in Theatre Arts. She likes to give back to her local arts community by supporting – and contributing to – live entertainment whenever possible.

Cecilia Quinn

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