Audience Intelligence


Two Trees PPC uses Audience Intelligence to create lists of where your perfect customer is actually spending time online. Forget about outdated data models the traditional media firms push on you. Give this exciting new technology a try and see how it can make a real difference to your digital campaigns.

You’ve spent thousands of dollars with “data experts” and after months of “research” you’re told exactly what you expected. Your audience is affluent, middle class, suburban married couples… or whatever vague generalization of populations you expected. So now, how do you target them? There’s no sure way of getting to them digitally. So that’s thousands down the drain and no closer to optimizing your digital spend.

Enter, Audience Intelligence. Our service will tell you what percentage of your perfect audience are doing online. What podcasts do they listen to, what accounts they follow on social media, and more.

With this actionable data, we can formulate better digital campaigns to get right in front of your perfect customer – no guessing!


The Two Trees PPC Audience intelligence™ Process



First, we collect the first party data you have about your current customers. We use this to match with our set of 70 Million anonymized data points.



As the matching reveals the links between millions of known websites and social media profiles, we deep dive into how this relates to your customers.



With research completed, we analyze the identified areas of opportunity for digital advertising as well as any organic opportunities that exist.



We formulate high priority targets, medium priority and also targets that may want to be put on a wish list if you have more budget down the road. The goal is to get the quickest ROI.



We match the digital marketing results with each audience identified and see if there are any new areas of opportunity that the data didn’t initially reveal.



This is an ongoing process that never ends. Even when things appear to be going great, we’re always looking at opportunites to improve and refine your audience. Elimination of wasted ad spend is our goal.


Who are we?

Two Trees PPC has been in business since 2017, and was established to give small to medium sized business the transparency they deserve when it comes to their marketing budget.

Since then we’ve worked hard to grow our business by working hard for our clients. We’ve grown at a remarkable rate since 2017. In 2021, we project 300% growth over 2020, in which we saw 200% growth from 2019.

Do you offshore your work?

Never! Two Trees PPC’s team all work out of the same office in Sacramento. Even if most days are work from home, we meet regularly in person and handle all our work in house with occasional help from our US partners. 

How are you different than other marketing agencies?

We realize there are a million Digital Marketing Agencies out there, and yes – they all promise the world. We are different in a few ways:

1. We customize every strategy to your business goals – we don’t have you jump through hoops to get the help you need.

2. Our fixed-rate SEO packages mean that you know exactly what to expect each month. We include everything in the price, so you don’t feel nickel and dimed.

3. We don’t bother you and take up all your time. No one likes constant communication unless it’s needed. We don’t make you sit through hours of meetings – you should be spending time on what makes your business special.

4. Our turnaround times are the best in the industry, we don’t over-complicate procedures and just get the job done on time and within budget.

What do you consider success?

This question really has no simple answer. Success really depends on your business goals. We work with you while setting up your SEO strategy. Most clients are looking to rank higher for specific keywords, but some are looking to get more traffic overall. No matter what your goal is, we will make sure our entire team are working towards what success looks like to you.

Why do I need Audience Intelligence?

So much advertising dollars are wasted by advertising in the wrong channels. Our Audience Intelligence software identifies exactly where your customers are online, so you can match your strategy to get in front of more of your perfect customers. It’s quite simple, if you’re not using this, you’re wasting money!

How much does this cost?

You can run a one time report for just $2,500. But most clients prefer to spread the cost and get monthly reports with our monthly $1,000 plan. You do need to commit to 3 months to qualify for this offer though.

Where do you get this data?

We utilize over 70 million data points from social networks, tens of millions of websites and pages and SEO data from MOZ. We partner with some of the biggest data companies in the world and can guarantee that all the data is ethically sourced and anonymized.

Is this ethical?

Yes. We are not able to see personal identifiable information through our platform. The data you provide us is anonymized and not used for any other reason than to match to the 70 million anonymous data points that we subscribe to for the sole purpose of identifying where your customers are spending time online.

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