We exist to help companies make more money through smart effective digital advertising.

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Search Advertising

Get in front of your potential customer as they search for a solution to their problem. The most commonly known PPC channel.

Display Remarketing

Showcase your brand, service or product on partner websites using eye-catching images or animated GIFs.

Social Media Marketing

Advertise where your customers spend most of their time online. Ideal for lifestyle brands & products. Build a loyal following!

E-Commerce Marketing

Sell directly on Google or Facebook. Leverage the trust of these major platforms to push your products!

Video Advertising

People love video. Insert your ads into viral content and advertising on Facebook & YouTube. Tap into millions of users daily!

Local SEO

Dominate your local market, be seen and heard locally, carve out your presence and boost your reputation!

Our Mission

“To provide excellence in service to every customer, demonstrate real value, and create lasting meaningful partnerships.”

We strive for excellence in everything we do. We are never satisfied with mediocre, we always push to improve and grow, we never set and forget. Everyone who works at Two Trees PPC has pledged that the success of our partners comes before our own.

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Competitive Analysis

You’ve probably seen your competitor’s ads and wondered how much they’re paying, who they’re targeting and how successful they are. Before we get started with our clients, we perform a thorough analysis on your competitors and figure out what they’re doing right and what they’re doing wrong.

Competing companies aren’t the only focal point in a competitive analysis for PPC. We use trend data to determine what is actually popular in your target market. Over the years, we’ve found that there are many surprising regional trends that most people don’t take advantage of. We can also gauge the level of budget that will make a real impact.

We use a range of tools to best determine the gaps in the market where you can take advantage of opportunities, uncovering a clear path on how we can help to beat your competition.

Keyword / Audience Analysis

We all know that bidding on the right keywords is vital in PPC. But in modern PPC, there are so many other important factors that are often overlooked. We hear amateurs all the time claiming that they “know the keywords” they want to bid on, unfortunately it’s just not that simple!

We develop lower cost long tail keywords and use our vast database of negative keywords to better focus your target audience. We also use audience lists such as re-marketing lists to further enhance your ads to the type of users who are most likely to use or buy your service or product.

Keyword Research Two Trees PPC
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Ad Campaign Build

This is where the magic happens. Armed with our research and gathered data, we structure out the best combination of campaigns, ad groups/sets and ads to effectively communicate your message to the correct audience.

We will produce several variations of each ad, with slight differences, to effectively A/B test every ad that we run. Part of our ongoing analysis includes continuous improvement and creating new ads to ensure the testing never ends.

As a part of the build process, we factor in geographic, demographic, device and scheduled targeting methods and run as many variants as needed to effectively achieve your desired goals.

Conversion Tracking Setup

Now everything is set, your ads can run and generate traffic to your landing pages. But what is happening after the clickWhen the user gets to your landing page, are they converting into a paying customer? That’s what we track when we set up conversion tracking metrics.

With conversion tracking fully implemented, we can break down which ads, keywords and targets are leading to actual sales, calls or inquiries – whatever you consider a conversion. We’ll fully explore this with you during our initial set-up meetings.

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